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Are you looking for a way to learn more about the paralegal profession or a certain area of the law? Are you simply interested in maintaining compliance with your legal association or certifying body? Either way, a Paralegal Rainmakers membership plan can provide you with the resources, education, and information that you need. Our plans provide the tools and resources needed to maintain a professional edge and legal competency. As long as you remain a paralegal continuing legal education will be a necessary part of your career. Whether you are a seasoned paralegal or are just starting off as a paralegal we have everything you need to excel in the paralegal career. Paralegal Rainmakers membership plans provide information, resources, and seminars tailored specifically to paralegal professionals as well as individuals seeking to enter the paralegal profession. We focus on the professional development aspect of a paralegal career and also assist paralegals with maintaining a successful career in the legal industry. Paralegal professionals as well as aspiring paralegals can learn about emerging trends within the paralegal profession in addition to staying abreast of legal technology usage in the legal industry by signing up.

California Paralegals

Are You in Compliance with Business and Professions Code 6450?

Every two years, commencing January 1, 2007, any person that is working as a paralegal shall be required to certify completion of four hours of mandatory continuing legal education in legal ethics and four hours of mandatory continuing legal education in either general law or in an area of specialized law. When you sign up for a membership plan you can earn over 30 pre-approved CLE credits every year.

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    Welcome to your resource library!

    • How to access your resources and benefits

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    On-demand Courses

    • Bankruptcy Intake

    • Bankruptcy and the Automatic Stay

    • Client Communication Techniques for Legal Professionals

    • Cloud Computing for Legal Professionals

    • Contracts and Billing Records

    • Depositions and Trial Preparation

    • Document Classification and Management

    • Drafting Persuasive Case Briefs

    • Essentials of Legal Technology

    • Essentials of Legal Timekeeping

    • Estate Planning and Living Trusts

    • Estate Planning and Wills

    • Fundamentals of Legal Billing

    • General Paralegal Ethics

    • Introduction to eDiscovery and Digital Evidence

    • Motion Practice

    • Music Law

    • Obtaining and Organizing Documentary Evidence

    • Paralegal Ethics and Client Communication

    • Researching Administrative Laws

    • Six Sigma's Application in a Legal Organization

    • Six Sigma and Effective Case Management

    • Six Sigma and Legal Process Improvement

    • Sports Crimes

    • Sports Law

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    Paralegal Crash Courses

    • Contract Law Crash Course

    • eDiscovery Crash Course

    • Law Office Management Crash Course

    • Legal Communication Crash Course

    • Wills, Trusts, and Estates Crash Course

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    Paralegal Workshops

    • Administrative Law for Paralegals

    • Civil Litigation for Paralegals

    • Personal Injury Law for Paralegals

    • Real Estate Law for Paralegals

    • Tort Law for Paralegals

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    Paralegal Master Classes

    • Litigation Master Class: Back to the Future of Discovery

    • eDiscovery Master Class: Artificial Intelligence 101

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    Paralegal Career Guides

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