Make a Financial Plan

Money! Money! Money!  How do you get it when you need it? How do you manage it properly when you have it  How do you determine the worth that it has in your life without allowing your worth to be determined by it? These are all questions that this course will explore and answer. 

If money is considered to be given more value than you then it may be given more power than it deserves. By placing a certain value on oneself based on money alone creates a mindset that only certain people are worthy of having it. This is the root of many money issues. Money in and of itself is not evil. It is not good either. It is neutral. The value that it has is what we give it. In order to live a stress free, stable, productive life money is necessary. Some believe that it is the root of everything evil, but truth be told even those that use that language most likely use it for their necessities. Before today's current money system was created things like shells, cattle, and even barter were used as as a medium of exchange. Interaction between people, businesses, and places require that there be a means of exchange that the various individuals and entities involved give equal weight to. Without this common agreement it would be difficult to obtain goods and services without the devaluing of services and/or goods in the marketplace. Money is studied from various angles, philosophies, and perspectives, but the bottom line is most if not all people need it to survive. Even those who take vows of poverty most likely use it in one form or another since it is still the most widely accepted form of exchange in the world. Whether that be the dollar, euro, yen, etc. 

This course provides the information, resources, and methods that anyone can put into practice in their personal and/or business finances to master money and bring financial stability. It will be studied as a means of exchange to obtain the things that are both needs and wants.  It is about understanding the concepts of money, currency, and wealth and why we do not have enough money to spend for everything that we desire and/or future life events.  Challenges to preconceived notions about money and wealth are discussed.  

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    So What's This All About?

  • 2

    Live Session

    • Video Presentation

  • 3

    Financial Planning Tools

    • Personal Financial Planning Website

    • Experian Boost

    • Mint: Budget Tracker and Planner

    • Credit Karma: Free Credit Score & Reports

    • Free Financial Documents

  • 4

    Money Management

    • Financial Goal: Definition & Examples

    • Calculating a Personal Cash Flow Statement

    • Personal Balance Sheet: Uses & Examples

    • How to Create a Personal Budget: Tools & Examples

    • Importance of Allowance in Personal Budgeting

    • Spending Money Wisely as a US Consumer

    • Household Budgets & Personal Financial Management

    • Preparing & Responding to Changes in Income

    • Net Worth: Personal Assets & Liabilities

  • 5

    Your Financial Future

    • Personal Tax Planning

    • Saving for a Rainy Day

    • Creating a Retirement Plan

    • Saving for a Big Purchase

    • Creating an Estate Plan

    • Investing on a Dime

    • Ways to Keep More of Your Money

  • 6

    Next steps

    • More resources for you

    • Before you go...

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